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The best way to spread a delicious and Antiaging lifestyle is to create culture by telling and explaining what I have discovered and studied in a simple way, suitable for everyone. I will never stop learning and you along with me, by reading me.
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Acrillammide: il cancerogeno tabù

Published in 2022 by Ajn Publisher, this is the world’s first popular book that reveals in a simple and straightforward way what process carcinogens are and in particular Acrylamide. It teaches you in which foods it is formed during cooking and in which it is not, the doses not to exceed, and solutions for industries and home cooking with Acrylamide-Ok recipes and 18 video courses.

Published in 2022 by AJN publisher and co-written with Antonella Pelagatti, this is the world’s first book for making Antiaging bread and pizza, also Gluten Free, rich in antioxidants and prebiotic fibers, low in calories and glycemic index. Perfect for everyday enjoyment and super fluffy. You’ll also learn how to make sourdough at home, including gluten-free, how to feed it and use it in all recipes.

Written in Italian and English, published in 2019 by AJN publisher with a preface by Massimo Bottura, co-written with chef Paolo Cappuccio. It illustrates the scientific sous vide cooking, with exact times and temperatures for each food, to increase vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, reducing salt and fat, and improving shelf-life. Along with the recipes, all the scientific research on sous vide cooking, including two conducted by me with the University of Parma.

Published in 2015 by AJN ed, it is the Best Seller that is revolutionizing the lives of so many people. Diets cease to exist, no more scarfices! A scientific text supplemented with a boxed set of recipes on plastic cards with nutritional values, the first in the world to also specify salt weight. you will learn how to use Inulin Excellence to replace fats and Erythritol to replace sugars!

Published by Lexington Books in 2018 (USA). Written in collaboration with leading American scientists who specialize in research on longevity and disease prevention. I covered nutrition for living fit for a long time, with yummy foods, and cooking. I talked about Acrylamide, a carcinogen formed during cooking of potatoes and grains.

Published by Franco Angeli in 2015, I wrote it with several professional colleagues in this pathology. I covered a topic very close to my heart: diabetic sweets, a real revolution, against the grain. It was an honor to present it at Expo 2015, with a foreword by Health Minister Beatrice Lorenzin

It is a best seller, published by Speling&Kupfer in 2014, has had 3 editions. It tells the basics of Antiaging Nutrition, outlines research on antioxidants, and explains for the first time how fiber discounts calories. Contains the antiaging food plan for the week, accompanied by 50 recipes including the very first version of Carbonara Evolution

Tradition becomes Antiaging, published in 2014, out of print, reviews traditional recipes whose story is told by Prof. Alberto Mantovani, proposing the Antiaging Evolution. The recipes illustrated detail longevity pairings, the properties of individual ingredients, the right quantities, and how cooking methods affect.

La cucina Wellness

PLAN Publishing 2012, out of print. It was the beginning of my outreach adventure. I had not yet discovered so many anti-aging ingredients to make sugar-free and low-fat recipes. The preface is edited by Prof. Angelo Azzi, my mentor at Tufts University in Boston. All the recipes today have been greatly improved, thanks to new scientific findings.



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