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Longevity Cooking is based on scientific evidence, so I rely on the scientific literature that already exists. when science has not discovered what I need to know, together with the Association for Nutritional Safety in Cooking, I promote research, to answer those questions.

Every great advance in science has issued from a new audacity of imagination.
John Dewey, The Quest for Certainty, 1929

“Acrylamide determination in baked potatoes by HPLC–MS: efect of steam and correlation with colour indices” Chiara Bignardi, Antonella Cavazza, Maria Grimaldi, Carmen Laganà, Chiara Manzi, Massimiliano Rinaldi, Claudio Corradini. European Food Research and Technology (2019) 245:2393–2400
“A Novel Time/Temperature Approach to Sous Vide Cooking of Beef Muscle” Massimiliano Rinaldi, Chiara Dall’Asta, Maria Paciulli, Martina Cirlini, Chiara Manzi, Emma Chiavaro. Food Bioprocess Technol (2014) DOI 10.1007/s11947-014-1268-z
“Nutritional Quality of Sous Vide Cooked Carrots and Brussels Sprouts” Emma Chiavaro, Teresa Mazzeo, Attilio Visconti, Chiara Manzi, Vincenzo Fogliano, Nicoletta Pellegrini. J. Agric. Food Chem. 2012, 60, 6019−6025


To transform Scientific Research into Delicious and Antiaging Foods


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Do you want to live long and/or lose weight
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Do you need to lose weight or learn to eat healthy while enjoying the dishes you love most every day? I have formed a specialized team on the Cucina Evolution Scientific Method ready to give you valuable and personalized advice. Fill out the nutritional analysis and receive personalized advice.

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If you are the owner of a company in the food field and you feel it is appropriate and necessary to improve your products from a nutritional point of view, to ensure high quality in the area of wellness for your customers, I have formed a team to evaluate a customized consultation.

I do not have a lot of time so I analyze only requests animated by serious innovative spirit.