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When I started reformulating the most delicious traditional Italian recipes and make them antiaging, the first question I asked myself was: what characteristics do recipes and products must have in order to be called antiaging?

The World Health Organization, World Cancer Research Foundation, European Food Safety Authority, Italian Society of Human Nutrition tell us what the guidelines are for proper nutrition to live long and healthy lives. But they don’t tell us how to apply them to a croissant, a carbonara, a Dessert.

How to convert all these guidelines made up of percentages and directions related to the food daily, into characteristics to be attributed to individual recipes and food products?


The Certification

To find an answer to this question since 2011, with the Scientific Committee of the Association for Nutritional Safety in Cooking I created the first Disciplinary for food product certification on Nutritional Safety.

Together with the Scientific Committee, we analyzed the international and national guidelines for proper nutrition and dropped them into the individual dishes and products that together go to make up the food day according to the Mediterranean Diet on the basis of a 2000-kcal diet as indicated by the GDAs, i.e., the indicative daily amounts of energy and nutrients appropriate for a balanced diet (energy, total fat, saturated fat, total carbohydrates, total sugars, protein, dietary fiber, sodium) on the basis of a 2000-kcal diet.

Patronage of the Ministry of Health

The certification guarantees the consumer that the certified products, consist of foods free of ingredients considered harmful to health by the national and international bodies listed below, and processed according to methodologies that at the current state of knowledge, within a varied and balanced diet, coupled with a healthy lifestyle and daily habit of physical activity, contribute to reducing the risk of disease, the achievement of a lasting state of well-being and to deferring the stages of cellular aging over time.

Each certified recipe and food is characterized by richness in fiber and longevity molecules (vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, bioactive molecules, prebiotics) and simultaneously reduced salt, sugar and fat content.

The certification is an integral part of the project “La Cucina del Benessere, a project for nutritional safety in collective and commercial catering” by the Association for Nutritional Safety in Cooking, which has been under the patronage of the Ministry of Health since 2011.

The specification is updated every year following the updates of the guidelines for proper nutrition of the above-mentioned bodies.

Patrocinio Ministero della Salute per Chiara Manzi


To transform Scientific Research into Delicious and Antiaging Foods


How can I help you?

Do you want to live long and/or lose weight
without sacrificing taste?

Do you need to lose weight or learn to eat healthy while enjoying the dishes you love most every day? I have formed a specialized team on the Cucina Evolution Scientific Method ready to give you valuable and personalized advice. Fill out the nutritional analysis and receive personalized advice.

Are you a wellness-oriented Company?

If you are the owner of a company in the food field and you feel it is appropriate and necessary to improve your products from a nutritional point of view, to ensure high quality in the area of wellness for your customers, I have formed a team to evaluate a customized consultation.

I do not have a lot of time so I analyze only requests animated by serious innovative spirit.