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Culinary Medicine arrives in the homes of Italians thanks to a dedicated weekly column within Medicina 33, the TG2 special dedicated to health and well-being, hosted by Laura Berti. I teach Culinary Medicine at the University of Ferrara and founded the first Academy in Europe of Culinary Medicine: Cucina Evolution Academy. In the Rubrica Medicina Culinaria on Rai2, together with the chefs of the Libra Restaurant in Bologna we create mouth-watering recipes from the Italian tradition, reformulated to ensure well-being at the table, thanks to cooking and processing secrets.

Amatriciana skin and slimming support

Lycopene neutralizes the singlet oxygen free radical and is the carotenoid with antioxidant action that gives the red color, to tomatoes; in order to make it bioavailable, it is important to cook the tomato puree. Let's prepare together an amatriciana with very little fat and rich in lycopene, thanks to the prolonged cooking of the tomato.

Chocolate mousse and the benefits on pressure

Chocolate is a food rich in polyphenols, bioactive substances with cardioprotective action, lowers blood pressure, helps reduce cholesterol deposition on the walls of blood vessels but must never be combined with casein, as milk protein prevents intestinal absorption of polyphenols. Let's prepare together a mousse with less than 10 g of sugar and 4 g of fat, for a total of 90 kcal.

Vitel Tonnè against anemia

For those suffering of anemia, but not only, it is important to supplement the diet with iron that is bioavailable to our bodies. In addition to meat, iron is contained in fish and milk, but its intestinal absorption is enhanced by pairing it with vitamin C. Learn how to prepare a tonnata sauce, to be served with meat but also with vegetables, rich in iron and vitamin C with low fat and calories.

Reduce fat and cholesterol levels with Sicilian arancine (fried rice balls)

Here's how to make them to enrich the diet with soluble fiber and drastically reduce fat, thanks to the inclusion of peas and cous cous breading.Hypercholesterolemia can be a congenital, as well as diet-related, factor. But even congenital sufferers can reduce it by up to 30 percent by reducing saturated fats, simple sugars, and with a diet rich in soluble fiber, which is also found in legumes.

Pesto Antiaging: a real antioxidant bombshell

The combination of vitamin E + vitamin C is a real "antioxidant bomb" to fight cellular aging. Vit C reactivates the antioxidant power of Vit E, both of which are present in traditional pesto ingredients,oxidize due to the increase in temperature caused by the mechanical action.

Panna cotta without sugar or sweeteners 

We make panna cotta with fewer kcal than a fruit yogurt, without sugar or sweeteners, taking advantage of the natural sweetness of lactose-free cream and milk. Lactose-free products have 3 times more sweetening power than lactose-free products, for the same amount of total sugar.

Macco anti irritable bowel

Legumes, if you suffer from an irritable colon, do not have to be eliminated. Here's how to enjoy a macco, which is super yummy and anti-inflammatory. The secret is to peel the fava beans and blend them very finely. A recipe with very few calories and fat but full of flavor.

Slimming down by eating more: mushroom risotto
Weight loss can subject you to psychological stress and dietary deficiencies. One solution is to take advantage of the caloric discount given by soluble fiber, which slows the absorption of carbohydrates (reducing the glycemic index) and in part reduces energy absorption.

Vitamins aid fitness

Legumes are rich in B vitamins, which help us maintain our figure because they allow us to turn food into energy. Among them, folic acid (vitamin B9) is particularly important for protecting our DNA, for women of childbearing age, and for fetal health. 

Cacio e pepe antiaging

We prepare Cacio e Pepe with a secret ingredient: cauliflower, which is able to enhance the flavor of pecorino, reducing the amount committed, without losing taste thanks to the intense flavor and smell given by isothiocyanates, molecules with important anti-cancer properties.

When frying can be better than boiling

Did you know that frying is one of the best cooking methods to preserve vitamins and minerals naturally present in food? Let's make a crispy and tasty fried food together, without to acrylamide and with very little fat. Learn the secrets by watching the video.



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