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Living a long and healthy life requires keeping thin all your life and eating healthy and balanced…

The value is high, but what about the cost?

Have you experienced the frustration of eating healthy but monotonous and tasteless foods?

Or the guilt after enjoying a good dessert or a delicious pizza?

Are you one of those people who “it’s not worth living as a sick in order to die healthy”?

Have you ever gone on a diet, achieved your goals, and then thrown back into eating the foods you love, regaining the pounds, cholesterol, blood sugar, more than before?

I have experienced for 15 years the agony of diets, experienced firsthand and “inflicted” on my patients.

Perfect analysis, weight loss, but at what cost?
Sadness, depression, nervousness, loss of social life, fear of temptation, felt guilty, dissatisfaction.

Life gets complicated, you have to cook differently for yourself and the rest of the family, it even becomes difficult to shop for groceries because you have to find special ingredients for your diet.

Is there a Method to lose weight, lower cholesterol, keep blood sugar at bay, live long staying fit eating food you love most every day? Pizza, fried food, carbonara, lasagna and 2 desserts a day? Does it seem impossible? With CUCINA Evolution Scientific Method YOU CAN!
Cucina Evolution Scientific Method don’t consider some food as harmful and others as healthy.   You can eat ice cream, risotto, butter, cheese, pizza, fried doughnuts, tiramisu, carbonara and you can avoid eating only with big salads, soups, stews and lots of apples! Cucina Evolution Scientific Method doesn’t make you change the way you eat, you change the way of cooking the food you love most.

The Method does not change the typical ingredients in each recipe, it changes the cooking method, the amounts, and the combinations to put more antioxidants and lower calories in the dish, perfectly following the Mediterranean Diet and the World Health Organization guidelines.

In 15 years of study and research I have reformulated more than 3,000 traditional Italian recipes, an evolution that makes them suitable for today’s nutritional needs.

Cucina Evolution Method is explained in my book CUCINA EVOLUTION – IN SHAPE WITHOUT DIET where you learn how to prevent metabolic and chronic degenerative diseases, keep weight at bay and any cardiovascular diseases, cholesterol, diabetes, by eating:

  • Two sweets a day
  • Carbohydrates at breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Fried foods when you feel like it, even every day

With Cucina Evolution Scientific Method you learn how to:

  • To set up your daily diet from breakfast to dinner
  • To cook each food to maximize vitamins and reduce calory density, without having to buy special cookware or equipment
  • To source the ingredients you need at any store
  • To avoid the formation of carcinogens when you cook
  • 213 quick and easy recipes for the whole family
  • To fry limiting fat absorption
  • To prepare desserts that have less sugar and more fiber than an apple
  • To prepare carbonara, risotto, lasagna with fewer calories than 100 g of plain rice seasoned with a tablespoon of oil
  • To save a lot of money on groceries
chiara manzi metodo cucina evolution

To follow the method it is necessary to:

  1. Purchase two ingredients that everybody should have in our homes today: “Dolce da Vivere” (sweet to live), the natural antioxidant zero-calorie sweetener and
    Inulin Excellence Antiaging, the prebiotic fiber that discounts calories in dishes
  2. Have fun by following quick and easy recipes!

It is thanks to a diabetic patient of mine that the Scientific Method Cucina Evolution was born. Back in 2007, in the wards of a public hospital in Rome, that diabetic lady took me aside and said, almost begging me: doctor, don’t forbid me lasagna! I can’t live without eating it! Teach me how to cook it but don’t forbid it to me!

From that moment I decided to devote my life to making a dream come true: to spread a new culinary culture that joins of the Italian cooking art and Antiaging Nutrition.
To give everyone the opportunity to enjoy all the deliciousness and variety of tradition with an extra, definitely important ingredient: antiaging wellness.



To transform Scientific Research into Delicious and Antiaging Foods


How can I help you?

Do you want to live long and/or lose weight
without sacrificing taste?

Do you need to lose weight or learn to eat healthy while enjoying the dishes you love most every day? I have formed a specialized team on the Cucina Evolution Scientific Method ready to give you valuable and personalized advice. Fill out the nutritional analysis and receive personalized advice.

Are you a wellness-oriented Company?

If you are the owner of a company in the food field and you feel it is appropriate and necessary to improve your products from a nutritional point of view, to ensure high quality in the area of wellness for your customers, I have formed a team to evaluate a customized consultation.

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