Chiara Manzi for Companies

Collaborations with major entities

I have been helping companies to learn about Culinary Nutrition and create products, recipes and projects for healthy and proper nutrition. In particular, I have had the opportunity to train so many chefs who do their work to feed thousands of people on a daily basis, in their starred restaurants all the way up to mass catering.
Here are the main experiences to date

Developing yummy recipes for industries is a job that excites me because it can reach many people.

For Galbani I reformulated the 300 most clicked and caloric recipes on their site to make them “Buono da star bene (Good To Be Well)”. It was a beautiful and very tasty job!
For Nestlé I developed desserts and ice cream using their best semi-finished foodservice products.
For Fini I developed recipes using their best products and we made beautiful video recipes together.
For Conserve della nonna I developed new products and yummy and easy video recipes..
For Greci Specialità per la Ristorazione I developed a fabulous multi-grain mix for baking and many recipes for pizza and dishes for catering.
For Consorzio Prosciutto di Modena consortium I developed recipes with their product

Chiara Manzi per le Aziende


Alma the international school of Italian cuisine from 2008 to 2015 I’ve been teaching Nutrition in Gualtiero Marchesi’s school. The close contact with the Master of Chefs taught me and gave me so much!

At the University of Ferrara with Prof. Michele Rubbini we brought the teaching of Culinary Medicine to Europe for the first time.

At the University of Milan Bicocca I teach Scientific Communication: how to make science popular without losing rigor.

At Torvergata University in Rome, I taught Metabolic Cooking at the Master’s in Aesthetic Medicine.

In Pellegrini spa for 7 years I was in charge of the cooks training in collective catering.

In Pedevilla, I was in charge of the training of chefs in collective catering for one year.

Creating Certified Healthy Menus for Nutritional Safety

It is wonderful to collaborate with starred chefs, formulating of antiaging menus! With Massimo Bottura, we have done some very interesting scientific research on meat cooking, and with the many starred chefs who come to study at my academy, I have created extraordinary meals and menus. I am also passionate about working with collective catering, where thousands of people are fed daily.
Here are some examples of realities I have worked with:

  • Ristorante Pierino Penati Stella Michelin
  • Ristorante La Casa degli Spiriti Stella Michelin
  • Ristorante Al Tramezzo Stella Michelin
  • Hotel Excelsior Roma 5* Via Veneto
  • Hotel Petriolo 5* Siena
  • Abano Terme Hotel Ritz 5*
  • Hotel OP Roma
  • Lamborghini Ristorante Aziendale Modena
  • Prada Ristorante Aziendale Arezzo
  • Generali Assicurazioni Ristorante Aziendale TV
  • Mondadori Ristorante Aziendale
  • Mediaset Ristorante Aziendale
  • Lavazza Ristorante Aziendale
Chiara Manzi per le Aziende

Healthy Food Formulation

My dream is for all supermarkets to have healthy certified foods. That is why I am happy to collaborate with industries. It is a great challenge, not at all easy. I have had the pleasure of collaborating with:
Fontaneto and Fini formulating of tortellini and stuffed pasta.
Conserve della Nonna creating new compotes, sauces, stock preparations, soups.
With Greci I made soups, semi-finished products for pizza, sauces, seasonings, breadcrumbs
With Bindi I reformulated 10 desserts.
With Forno d’Asolo I created an antiaging bread recipe.

Development of cooking equipment

Cookware and equipment are essential for healthy cooking. I have had the pleasure of collaborating with:
Electrolux Professional: I carried out studies to develop grilling equipment that does not develop polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.
Electrolux Domestic: I have carried out scientific research to develop oven cooking equipment that does not develop acrylamide.
Atihc: I am carrying out research and development to develop ovens and recipes for Healthy cooking.
Chiara Manzi per le Aziende
Chiara Manzi per le Aziende


I have done antiaging dinners and major events with cooking shows for many companies:
Banca Mediolanum
Intesa san Paolo

I don’t have as much time for these activities, so I carefully select companies that wish to rely on my advice in the area of Nutrition applied to cooking and baking.


To transform Scientific Research into Delicious and Antiaging Foods


How can I help you?

Do you want to live long and/or lose weight
without sacrificing taste?

Do you need to lose weight or learn to eat healthy while enjoying the dishes you love most every day? I have formed a specialized team on the Cucina Evolution Scientific Method ready to give you valuable and personalized advice. Fill out the nutritional analysis and receive personalized advice.

Are you a wellness-oriented Company?

If you are the owner of a company in the food field and you feel it is appropriate and necessary to improve your products from a nutritional point of view, to ensure high quality in the area of wellness for your customers, I have formed a team to evaluate a customized consultation.

I do not have a lot of time so I analyze only requests animated by serious innovative spirit.